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Weber Workshops | EG-1 Mk.3 Coffee Grinder (Onyx Black)

Weber Workshops | EG-1 Mk.3 Coffee Grinder (Onyx Black)

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Espresso Retro Hong Kong Limited is the offical distributor of Weber Workshops in Hong Kong

Free local delivery with 1-year Official Warranty (HK) will be included

Weber Workshops EG-1 Mark Three


From espresso to pour-over coffee preparation, the EG-1 is Weber Workshops's 80mm premier flat burr grinder for specialty coffee, now upgraded to the Mk.3 edition.

The EG-1 Mk.3 ships standard with Weber Workshops's magnetically mounted CORE  burr set, designed to be used for everything from pour-over to espresso. We also offer filter-specific ULTRA burrs. 

Item Included

EG-1 Grinder, Silver or ONYX

90v-240v compatible. CE Certified.

Endgame, titan class single dose coffee grinder.

  • One EG-1 Unit, Silver or ONYX
  • Blind Shaker, color matched to unit.
  • One solid oak EG01 Platen (self-centers the Blind Shaker) 
  • One leather anti-scuff pad for spare Blind Shaker (auto-aligning shaker sits on rear shelf of base) 
  • Spare wiper blades (5 sets)
  • One solid rosewood handle cleaning brush.
  • One 1.8m electrical cable regionalized for country (US, AU, EU, UK styles only). Can be localized with C13 style cable (like a computer). May ship with US style cable based on availability at time of purchase.



Effortlessly and precisely adjust from Turkish-fine to filter-appropriate and back again. This allows for easy switching between types and styles of coffee without the effort and and waste of cleaning a grinder and purging/redialing.


EG-1 was the first grinder in the industry to offer variable RPM back in 2015, and it has gotten smarter and better over the years. A PID controller senses the hardness of your beans and throttles the electrons accordingly to best hit your target RPM in real time.


The cleaning process for the EG-1 is easy. The grind chamber can be opened, thoroughly cleaned, and resealed in about 30 seconds. The top and bottom funnel caps form a clam shell grind chamber and are secured together using sets of strong rare earth (Neodymium) magnets. This is the easiest and cleanest grinder on earth, and possibly beyond.


New to the v3, a Purge button in the center of the RPM dial has two functions. From a stop, it spins the burrs in reverse before briefly spinning them at MAX. This can dislodge foreign objects or unroasted beans that may have jammed the grinder, and purge the last granules of leftover coffee. Pushing the button while grinding gives a temporary MAX burst.


The EG-1 ships standard with Weber Workshops's CORE magnetically mounted burr set, designed to be used for everything from filter coffee to espresso. They are magnetically mounted, and do not have the screw holes commonly seen on disc burr setups which can be a collection point for old coffee.


Shaking helps to reduce static, decrease channeling, and increase extraction yield on every espresso shot. It also cleans up the workflow and keeps the powder off of the countertop. Invented by Weber Workshops, used by barista champions worldwide.

Technical Specifications & Details

Dimensions & Weight

Product Dimensions
235mm d, 245mm w, 456mm h (13.5Kg)
(9.25" x 11" x 18")  (30lbs)

Shipping dimensions
58 x 42 x 42 cm (20Kg)
23" x 17" x 17" (44lbs)

Input Voltage
90-240V (Globally compatible)

385W -315W

Power Connector
C13 Adapter - Compatible with any plug type
(Ships with compatible plug for your country as available)

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